The centre aims at contributing in the development of the Palestinian society and promotes its scientific, social and economic levels. It also aims to create a technological and scientific environment so as to be updated with the world scientific progress and participate in the development of science and technology in the globalization era. 
The main objective of the centre is to assimilate, transfer and settle-in  radiation sciences and technologies as well as to develop the peaceful uses  of atomic energy at the national level in all dimensions.

The main tasks of the center are:

  1. To Participate in keeping the public health through monitoring the radiation pollution      of the Palestinian environment as well as preserving the Palestinian individual from the dangers of radiation pollution and implementing the radiation protection instructions in the peaceful use of the radiation energy.
  2. To assist in offering scientific research and  to develop it in the field of the peaceful uses of atomic energy  by the Palestinian scientific organizations.
  3. To build up Palestinian capacities in the field of radiation science and technology.
  4. To Disseminate out  scientific awareness of radiation science and its peaceful applications among the public at a larger scale.
  5. To  organize and participate  in conferences and training courses about radiation sciences  and applications.
  6. To offer scientific consulting services  and feasibility studies to Palestinians as well as establish  technical projects in cooperation with relevant  regional  and international organizations.
  7. To cooperate  with other Palestinians universities and the Palestinian National Authority institutions  to develop  a curriculum for radiation sciences and to include it in various academic fields