Work in the field of radiation at the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences of Al-Quds University in Jerusalem, started  in the year 1998. The Department started to develop its  academic program to offer theoretical and  practical knowledge about radiation sciences. New courses on radiation sciences and technology have been offered and new equipments for research and academic were provided. The MSc. Program in environmental studies has offered new courses on radiation and radiation science has become one of the program’s major specializations. Afterwards, the department established a unit for radiation research which was developed to become a centre for radiation science and technology at Al-Quds University. Prof. Sari Nuseibeh, the president of Al-Quds University has issued resolution  no.: AU/224/5/2005, about establishing a center for radiation sciences and technology. The resolution states that:

“Due to the importance of  radiation sciences and technology and the different peaceful uses of nuclear energy and the role of this technology in all fields of applied sciences in serving humanity, it has been preliminarily decided to establish a centre for radiation science and technology at Al-Quds University”.

The center has a special link with the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences and students of the Department, can study radiation sciences  through the MSc. Programs on environmental studies. Meanwhile, a new track is being introduced in the MSc. Program on radiation sciences. The centre cooperates with all relevant academic departments especially the departments of medical radio imaging in the faculty of health professions and with the physics department. In addition, the center has its relations into the local community, establishments and national companies and the Palestine National Authority institutions, especially the Environment Quality Authority. Also it has scientific relations with regional and international institutions. The center is distinguished by its special relationship to WHO, especially the International Electromagnetic Fields Project  where it represents Palestine in this important international project.