1st Palestinian Conference on Electromagnetic Radiation

Al-Quds University - Palestine, 7th December 2010

Electromagnetic radiation, has become an important part of the Environment of Man. Mainly after the wide spread of the technology of wireless communications ,electrical and electronic appliances. Last years, the use of this type of radiation mainly in telecommunations is accompanied with concerns about the possible health effects of exposure to non – ionizing radiation. Public concerns in Palestine has highlighted the need for accessible information about the possible health effects of EMF.  This is the first conference on radiation in our country, that brings experts from the academic world (local and international), governmental institutions, industry and international agencies and organizations. The conference is co-organized by the Center for Radiation Science & Technology and The Department of  Earth & Environmental Sciences at Al-Quds University. This conference deals with a timely and  very important theme, “Environmental electromagnetic radiation, with focus on Radiofrequency radiation and Health effects of EMF. We need to gain new knowledge and raise awareness on EMF, the conference offers a unique opportunity to share scientific experience and discuss problems related to EMF.