(MSc. Thesis)

Student: Fadi Hussien Othman
Supervisor Dr. Adnan Lahham
Jerusalem – Palestine


Because of the huge request for electricity in the modern life, the transmission line networks have been extended for long distances through countries; rural areas, cities and in some cases the power lines are situated close to the populated areas. In Palestine power lines , transformers and their distribution cabinets are located in many cases inside cities, camps and villages very close to the buildings causing exposure to the population from magnetic varying magnetic fields. There are no underground electric networks. The vicinity of residences to overhead power lines has been a factor of concern for public health, several studies has been developed in order to establish a relationship between the magnetic fields due the power lines and the health of people. The public concern has increased mainly after the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classification of extremely low frequency magnetic fields (ELF) from power lines as possibly carcinogenic agent (Group 2B). The public concern has highlighted the need for scientific and public accessible information about levels of magnetic fields in our areas. The aim of this study is to investigate the levels of public exposure to magnetic fields from high voltage power lines, electric transformers and distribution cabinets in Bethlehem district. A total of 181 locations were investigated for the levels of magnetic fields (100 high voltage power lines and 81 transformers and electric cabins). These locations include centers of the city, highly populated areas (refugee camps) as well as rural areas. All measurements were conducted at a high of 1 m above the ground level using spectrum analyzer (NF 5030) with 3D antennas capable of collecting magnetic fields from 0 Hz to 300 Hz. The average value of magnetic field strength from high voltage power lines was 0.5, from electric transformers 4 and from electric cabinets was 28 µT. Maximum values of magnetic fields strength were: 0.8 from power lines, 8 from electric transformers and 123 µT from cabinets. All measured magnetic field strength except for some levels from electric cabinets were below 100 µT; which is the exposure limit for general public recommended by the International Commission on Non Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNRP).